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Counterbalance Lift Truck (B1 B2 B4) All fuel types

A counterbalance forklift truck is the most common type of truck around and represents the image most people instinctively think of when imagining a forklift. The forks stick out from the front of the vehicle and there are no protruding arms or legs; meaning the truck can be manoeuvred  close to the location of the load. Click Image for course timings.

Reach Truck (D1,D2,D3)

 Reach trucks  have compact construction, and a large lift height - up to 13,000 millimetres. When picking up loads, the reach truck moves its mast forward until the forks are positioned in front of the truck. This is known as "forward reach".

Pedestrian Pallet Truck various Levels (A1 - A 7)

There are a wide variety of Powered Pallet  trucks designed for loading and unloading in  many areas. Available with or without rear platform for operator to stand on and varying Heights also including stacker and rider stacker models.

Rough Terrain Telescopic Lift Truck (J2 J3)

Rough terrain telescopic lift trucks provide greater ground clearance than a standard lift truck and are used on uneven ground. They are commonly used in land-based and the construction industry.

Rough Terrain Masted Lift Truck (J1)

Rough terrain masted forklifts are ideal for outdoor work, in areas with rough, undulating terrain. They have inflatable tyres with thick treads, allowing stability on uneven ground, as well as a powerful engine. They offer good manoeuvrability, making them robust and durable.

Industrial Telescopic Handler (J4 J5)

The Teletruk forklift provides forward reach and large lift capacity on a compact machine. It enables you to change attachments quickly and easily.

Pivot Steer Lift Truck (P1)

The Pivot Steer truck resembles a standard forklift with the exception that there is an additional function to swing the mast to a 90 degree angle to either side by way of the truck being articulated.

Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck (TD1)

Vehicle Mounted Lift Trucks are usually mounted on the rear of a vehicle or its platform. They can be disconnected and used to off-load their vehicle, often being able to operate on rough ground.

Multi Directional Lift Truck (M1 M2 M3)

Multi-directional trucks offer a one truck solution for handling longer loads across a variety of environments. They are versatile, with the facility to travel in any direction without turning the truck, including diagonally.

Narrow Aisle Lift Truck (Man up / Down F1 F2)

VNA forklifts are designed to fit the narrowest of aisles, allowing you to make the most of your warehouse or site space. Available as Turret Man Up and Turret Man Down versions

Order picker Lift Trucks (E1 E2 A2)

Order picker trucks are types of lift trucks that are controlled from a carriage wherein the operator stance can be found. Order picker trucks are like forklift trucks , but instead of forks, these trucks are fitted with a working platform wherein the operator can manoeuvre the machine.

Mobile Elevating Work Platform

MEWPs, or mobile elevated working platforms, are powered access machines, used in a huge range of construction and warehousing sectors. MEWPs are available in two basic types: boom (cherry pickers) and vertical (scissor lifts).

360 Degree Excavator

Novice / Experienced worker Test, our NPORS accredited 360 Degree Excavator Course (Above / Below 10 Tonne ) is proving popular in multiple industries across the U.K

Forward Tipping Dumper

The Forward Tipping Dumper is commonly used on construction sites. It is used to transport large loads of materials across a site, usually on rough, undulating terrain. Its ability to handle a mixture of terrain and carry large loads makes it a flexible piece of equipment.

Ride on Roller

The Ride on Road Roller training course is to ensure the learner receives the appropriate basic knowledge and practical skills to enable them to safely and legally operate a Road Roller.

Loading Shovel

Wheeled loading shovels are mostly used to both extract materials from a stockpile or bank, and to load vehicles in a safe and efficient manner